Complex Systems: Complex Systems Engineering, Evolvability and Modularity in Complex Systems; Multi-Agent Models of Social Networks; Self-Configuring Systems; Large-Scale Adaptive Sensor Networks; Self-Organization and Control in Swarms; Synchronized Oscillators.
Neural Networks: Attractor-Based Neural Computation; Deep Learning; Sequence Learning; Modular Neural Networks.
Computational Neuroscience & Cognitive Science: Neuroynamical Models of Cognition; Synergistic Neural Models of Motor Control; Neuorocognitive Networks; Multi-Agent Models of Ideation and Innovation in Social Networks; Connectionist Models of the Hippocampus; Brain-Machine Interfaces.
Complex Networks: Human Networks; Social Networks; Biological Networks; Network Clustering and Community Extraction; Network Robustness.
Text Analysis and Modeling: Semantic Analysis; Topic Extraction; Document Classification; Sentiment Analysis; Generative Models; Extraction of Ideas from Texts.
Computational Biology: Modularity in Gene Regulation Networks; Models of Evolution and Development; Artificial Organisms.
Images courtesy of J.C. Sprott.
Last modified: April 2017