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We are more than device scientists, we are more than device architects... as we draw our passion from redefining conventional wisdom of what devices can do. We are a place of discovery, we are leaders, we are serial entrepreneurs, and we educate the next generation of scientists and engineers.

Recent Projects

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Sweat Sensing: FitBit, Apple Watch, actually decades old technology. But, now with an advanced electronic patch, you can electrically stimulate and sense a tiny amount of sweat and truly monitor health all day long without needles, because what happens in your blood, comes out in sweat too. More Info: Nature News and Views, IEEE Spectrum Feature, UC News, and ESPN
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Liquid Metal Electronics: Most electronics using patterned metals like antennas and meta materials are fixed in functionality by use of solid metals. That may now be changing, as we collaborate with AFRL and NCSU on ways to form liquid metals into any shape at the micro scale: Video 1 and Video 2
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Electronic Paper: The ultimate display? Big as an iPad but folds up into your pocket, brighter in sunlight than an LED billboard but has a battery 10X smaller than needed today. e-Paper is best served to enable such displays, and NDL is global leader in e-Paper technology: More Info 1 and More Info 2
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Smart Light: A sunny day, has enough sunlight incident on the building (>30,000 lux) to supply lighting (300 lux) for 100 floors with no electricity. Even if you lost 90% of the light somehow, 30 floors could be lit. Find out how: YOUTUBE and UC News. Even more recently, with licensee 3D Nanocolor (link to press release) you will be able to control the color temperature of sunlight coming into your home: UC News.

Recent News

Congrats to Zach Sonner and Team, whose latest article on sweat stimulation made the cover of Lab on a Chip and recent press!
Congrats to Zach on his dissertation defense!
UC sweat sensing technology and Eccrine Systems in the newscast!
Commercialization of NDL sweat sensing technology highlighted in the newest annual CincyTech video!
Press release on licensing agreement with 3D Nanocolor for NDL electrokinetic film tech!
Sweat sensing technology from Eccrine Systems featured on Local 12!
Congrats to Dan on his dissertation defense!
Sweat research article in Bloomberg and The Washington Post!
New NDL logo is live!
Electrowetting Conference continues in Taipei, NDL gives 3 talks, and bumps into many old friends (including Weiyuan Cheng and Chung-Chih Wu)
Sweat sensing research featured in Adafruit Daily!
Congrats to NDL grad, Dr. Phillip Schultz, for the cover of Optical Engineering!
Prof Heikenfeld authors an article featured in Nature News and Views!

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