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 virtual title 1 - virtual poc-cent

The virtual POC-CENT Campus is open to visitors 24 hours a day, seven days a week in the virtual world of Second Life®.  There you can meet with advocates and staff, get assistance with funding proposals, and even participate in immersive learning tutorials and simulations.  The POC-CENT Campus is an engaging and immersive way to interact with educational resources and learning tools specially designed by the POC-CENT team, including some of the activities described below.

virtual poc-cent - meet advocate Meet POC-CENT Staff - Slip into avatar form and visit our office to meet with an advocate or staff member. virtual poc-cent - attend lecture Attend a Lecture - Live and archived lectures and presentations are available in the Auditorium.
virtual poc-cent - patent process Commercialization, Patents, and FDA Approval - The Funding Opportunities Center can walk you through the steps required to complete these processes. virtual poc-cent - simulations Engage in Learning Simulations - The POC-CENT Virtual Hospital will soon house simulations to train clinicians and demonstrate unmet clinical needs.









virtual title 2 - getting started

To get started, you will need to create a Second Life account if you don't already have one, and you must have a computer that meets the minimum system requirements.  A headset/microphone is recommended to allow voice communication (VOIP) if you plan to meet with a POC-CENT Advocate, but is not required. 

Choose from the three options below to visit the virtual POC-CENT Campus:

OPTION 1 - I already have a Second Life account.

If you already have a Second Life account, log into Second Life and then click the following link to teleport your avatar to the POC-CENT Campus Welcome Plaza.

OPTION 2 - I want to create my Second Life account and log in right now.

If you don't already have a Second Life account, follow these steps.

1.  Create a new account through the University of Cincinnati Second Life Project website

2.  Download and install the Second Life software and log into Second Life with your new account.

3.  Click the following link to teleport to the virtual POC-CENT campus Second Life Tutorial for Beginners

OPTION 3 - I want the POC-CENT team to create a Second Life avatar for me.

If you would prefer that the POC-CENT team create an avatar for you, visit the Request a Second Life Account page and complete the form.  A POC-CENT representative will email you when your avatar has been created and your access approved.  Note that this method may take between 1-2 business days to complete.

 virtual title 4 - campus map

When you arrive at the POC-CENT Campus in Second Life, visit the Welcome Center for an overview of POC-CENT's activities, or explore any of our offices or virtual locations to learn more about developing technologies that improve the care and health of acute neurologic patients.

virtual poc-cent - campus map


virtual title 3 - technical support

If you have questions or need technical support with Second Life or visiting the virtual POC-CENT Campus, contact the University of Cincinnati Second Life Project Support Team at or by phone at (513) 556-8562.

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