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about us

our mission

Our Center entitled, “Point-of-Care Center for Emerging Neuro-Technologies (POC-CENT)” is dedicated to the development of technologies that will dramatically improve the care and health of the neurologic patient by providing fast and reliable information about the biological events occurring in this patient population. 

what you do

We fund projects and work with people to develop concepts and technologies to improve Point-of-Care diagnostics. This includes...

  • Entrepreneurial Education.
  • Grants Review.
  • Product Development.

Also, we foster an environment conductive to making functional and profitable connections in the business, medical, and engineering communities.

poc-cent and cincinnati

We are a not-for-profit Center based in the University of Cincinnati, with affiliations with the Mayfield Clinic, The Neuroscience Institute, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, and the Greater Cincinnati Northern Kentucky Stroke Team. Both the University and Cincinnati and Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center currently have over 125 National Institutes of Health funded neuro-related projects, making the Cincinnati neuro-community one of the leading regions in the United States for neurologic focused research.

The University of Cincinnati is also fortunate to have strong programs for medical device innovation and for the development of entrepreneurial talent. Beyond the strength of our individual programs, we have a long history at the University of Cincinnati of collaborative research that combines translational medical research, cross-disciplinary technology development, advanced clinical practice and innovative entrepreneurship. The strength of our center lies in the interconnection of several existing programs to create a cohesive program that allows us to carry new technologies to new heights.

core components

There are 5 cores representing numerous disciplines to foster and facilitate taking ideas and applying them to clinical applications. These cores are:

Core 1- Clinical Evaluation
In house clinical testing headed by PI Fred Beyette and Co-PI Joseph Broderick.

Core 2- Exploratory Projects
Exploratory Project Selection and Support, will be overseen by PI Philip Wilsey and Co-PI Daniel Kanter.

Core 3- Clinical Needs Assessment
Clinical Needs Assessment and Dissemination Activities, will be overseen by PI Raj Narayan and Co-PI Edward Jauch.

Core 4- Education and Training
Translational Training and Cross-Disciplinary Education, will be overseen by PI BJ Zirger and Co-PI Mary Beth Privitera.

Core 5- Administrative Functions
Administrative Functions, will be overseen by PI Joseph Clark and Co-PI Dorothy Air.

Supporting these cores we have representatives from Neurology, Neurosurgery, Engineering, Entrepreneurial Development, The community, Industry and University Administration. A strength of the University of Cincinnati and the Cincinnati community is that we currently do all of these cores for our life sciences. We have multiple incubators for companies, strong clinical trials experience, a wealth of training and funding opportunities for all stages of technology development. Indeed there will be an opportunity to partner with other funding agencies locally to add value to the technologies that enter into our program. 

Our team’s goal is to improve the care and health of the neuro patient by providing fast and reliable information about the biological events they are experiencing. We are fortunate to have an engineering, medical, scientific and commercial community that already works well together and can be facilitated to do all the aspects of this project as part of the Point-of-Care Center for Emerging Technology Development network.

POC-CENT provides funding opportunities to refine and develop point-of-care neurotechnology. POC-CENT also offers the advantage of shortening the typical process and development time by utilizing the connections inside both the medical and entrepreneurial community. Feel free to explore the site to learn more about the Point-of-Care Center for Emerging NeuroTechnology.

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