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Good ideas will only be successful if they're introduced to the market. The links below show the key components of a simple commercialization plan. 

Before you can bring your product to market, you need to fine tune what you have. POC-CENT can help to refine your technology before you bring it to market. Learn about the design waterfall, and how to bring your technology from an idea to a working prototype. Click Here.

Assessing Market Opportunity

To successfully commercialize your device, it is important to assess the market opportunity. POC-CENT has many pages that will help with determining market size, competitive benchmarking, and indentifying use locations to help assess the market. Click Here for more.

Creating a Business Plan

Bringing your product to the market requires an air-tight business plan. POC-ENT has created an educational page to help create the best business plan for your product, and also give you real world examples of business plans. If you have no idea where to start, or are just brushing up, Click Here. 

Market Entry Strategies

A market entry strategy describes options for introducing the device/technology to the target market. It identifies the most likely approach for market entry including licensing the proposed device/technology to another firm, selling it to an existing firm, or starting your company. For more information, Click Here.

The FDA has strict guidelines on classifying medical devices. To some, it can seem overwhelming. POC-CENT has a simple FDA guide for how the FDA classifies medical devices. Click Here for more information.


 Establishing IP Ownership

This section identifies if any intellectual property has been created to date and who "owns" that intellectual property. This section must state any rights, restrictions and/or royalties to which the IP owner is entitled. In addition, it must discuss who will own the rights to the intellectual property created from this funded research. Click Here. 

Protecting Intellectual Property

This section describes intellectual property legal filings at the time of the proposal submission and details the intellectual property protection steps anticipated to further protect the rights to the technology proposed with this grant. Click Here. 

On June 8th, 2011 The Office of Entrepeneurial Affairs and Technology Commercialization (OEATC) presented its first informational meetinf presented by Associate Vice President Dorothy Air. Click Here to watch a video of the meeting.

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Content on this website is augmented by our Second Life Virtual World which provides an interactive version of these steps.  Visit the links below and the POC-CENT Virtual World!



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